Myrna Cabello

An Austin native and accomplished actress, Myrna began writing songs and singing as a young child, and later sang in theater productions and at open mics. When she began pursuing singing professionally in 2005, she quickly became known for belting out heartfelt blues and rock. Her impromptu question of "Do you know any Latina blues singers?" to Clifford Antone led to her singing for him on the spot. He liked what he heard and asked her to perform at Antone's Blue Monday. At her first solo gig at Café Mundi, Clay Shorkey heard her and immediately booked her for a Texas Music Museum Tejana exhibit where she performed with other great Latina artists including Rita Vidaurri.

The Austin American-Statesman soon described her as "one of the best Austin artists you've never heard of (but will)." In 2006, Austin City Council honored her with "Myrna Cabello Day," and she was inducted into the Texas Music Museum as an influential Latina artist.The Austin Convention and Visitor's Bureau chose the track "Un Dia," from Letting Go, for their Latin compilation CD for 2009.

Born to a Mexican immigrant family, Myrna found the magic of writing transcended her beyond the poverty, violence and cultural barriers of her childhood. She wrote award-winning poems, short stories, and speeches that captured the desperate longing for a better life. Today her music continues to merge the sweet and sour of love and hate, along with the traditions and language of English and Spanish, producing thought provoking lyrics and melodies.

Myrna's Latin-flavored rock and blues combines many different genres. Influenced by decades of enjoying diverse roles as an actress, she enjoys an expansive, creative approach to her music.

In 2007 Myrna was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. Realizing the partial facial paralysis may prevent her from acting again, she focused on her singing, even doing gigs in over-sized sunglasses. Grateful to have recovered fully, the experience continues to influence her music.

Myrna recently returned from New York where she played at the Sugar Bar. Owner Valerie Simpson said, "That song 'Drunk' is a hit in this city." "Drunk" is one of ten originals from Myrna's debut CD Letting Go, released in 2009 at the Long Center. In April Myrna attended the ASCAP Expo in Los Angeles where she performed at Planet LA Records Showcase at Mr. T's, and the open mic at Canter's the Kibitz Room.

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